Induction – Lawrence #123

Our last Pre-COVID19 inductee was actually inducted in February 2020, when masks, lockdowns, 4sqm rules and coughing into elbows weren’t a thing.


Lawrence’s induction post has been stuck in drafts, but I’m delighted to clear it today.

Lawrence is the same vintage as the BotF founders and has unusual things in common with the founders that are best left for discussion on the Back of the Ferry one evening.

Whilst he is a proud card-carrying citizen of the Glorious Inner Westâ„¢, Lawrence loves a trip across the harbour and to reminisce about the 80s – the greatest Rugby League era ever.

Favourite beverage: Coffee

Favourite sport to spectate: Rugby League

Area of Trivial Expertise: Music from 1980 to 1990

Favourite pub and why: The Union Hotel, Newtown – because it is my local

Induction ceremony performed by #1, #97 and #117 on the MV Freshwater. Post induction frivolities conducted at the Manly Skiff Club