Induction – Kristy #123


Kristy is the first of a trio of inductions that were the first to be performed since the world turned upside down. The Back of the Ferry is a perfect COVID19 safe mode of transport with plenty of outdoor space to spread out.

Kristy endeared herself to this inductor by pulling out an @Untappd unique much to my delight. No mean feat indeed. (For the record, it was Nomad’s Rosie’s Raspberry Sour Ale – reminiscent of those raspberry chewy gummy lollies).


Favourite beverage: Pinot Noir

Favourite sport to spectate: NBA Basketball

Area of Trivial Expertise: Wine

Favourite pub and why: The Warrendyte Hotel because it does a good feed and has nice people

Induction ceremony performed by #1, #37, #100 and #117 on the MV Collaroy. Post induction frivolities conducted at the 4 Pines BrewPub