White Bay Beer – Mr Liquor ups his game

BotF’s bottlo

A unique* from Mr Liquor’s Circular Quay is like a random number generator – you don’t know what you are going to get. This year we’ve had an 8.5% can of Belgian tramp juice through to an Aussie Craft pilsner.

This week Mr Liquor has outdone himself. Two uniques side by side from one of Sydney’s newest breweries – White Bay Beer Co. And to make things better, the uniques are limited edition IPAs that will be hard to get even if you live in the Glorious Inner West™.

For many Sydneysiders of my vintage that travelled along Victoria Rd to either the city or Annandale and Glebe – the words “White Bay” bring back memories of a famous old booker on the corner of Victoria Road and Robert Street. The White Bay Hotel stood imperiously on Victoria Rd for years before a celebrated decline as workers left the area with closures of power stations and wharves. In its death throes it amused passers by with it lingerie waitress ads in desperate attempts to regain patronage. It poured its last beer in 1992, but remained a landmark until 2008 when it mysteriously (superfluous adverb) burnt down.

A pint in Petersham

So White Bay Beer Co. has set up shop not far from the site of the White Bay Hotel and has started to penetrate the pubs of the Glorious Inner West™ with its core beers – Union Lager and Sunny Pale. They have also declared their intent to knock out fresh IPAs packaged in creatively designed cans. Once one version is gone – another comes out.


And remarkably, Mr Liquor was stocking the 4th and 5th IPA, in White Bay Beer Co’s IPA series. Beautiful cans and beautiful beers. There’s no surprise that White Bay Beer Co will make IPAs. The Head Brewer is formerly of Modus Operandi who love a robust IPA. Thick of Things IPA (No. 5) was an absolute belter. Really sharp, with grapefruit tartness and some paw-paw for mine.

So good – deserved a second photo

Wherever I Rove IPA (No. 4) n the series was also lovely. A little more agricultural and raspy, but a hoppy delight. Love the big cans, and the relatively big ABV. It should be noted these beers were had on successive trips – we like to space out our uniques. So I’m looking very forward to visiting White Bay Beer Co. one weekend – and seeing their beers around the place.

Again Beerp0rn worthy

White Bay Beer Co.: 26C Mansfield Street, Rozelle NSW

* a unique beer on Back of the Ferry’s @untappd account