Coopers Hazy IPA – worth the wait

Plenty of anticipation for 17 August 2020 – the day Coopers announced that it would release its Limited Edition Hazy IPA. Picked up a can at an IGA Liquor in Cessnock ahead of time. $22 a four pack.

The first that strikes me is the name “Hazy IPA”. A superfluous use of the word “hazy” for mine. The Pale (green), the Sparkling (red) and the XPA (purple) are all opaque and the haziness has been a distinguishing feature of a Coopers beer (other than their clear). It’s a nice beer. Grows on you and is a citrus bowl. The aftertaste of the first couple of sips actually reminded me of Chinotto – that great bitter Italian soft drink. Will it remain a “Limited Edition”? Time will tell. Would love to try it on tap.