Fat Tire Belgian White – a Mr Liquor unique

New Belgium Fat Tire Belgian White

At Back of the Ferry, we have a few rules. No drinking until the ropes are free and the ferry is underway. Leave the Back of the Ferry cleaner than you found it. Always check in a beer from the Back of any Ferry. And write a blog when Mr Liquor, Circular Quay has a unique.

Because we’ve gotten slack in our later years, it is lucky Mr Liquor only uncovers a unique every now and then, otherwise we’d never get around to writing about it. (A unique is a beer not yet checked on Back of the Ferry’s @untappd account)

Today’s Mr Liquor unique comes from the 4th biggest Craft Brewery in the US. New Belgian Brewing has been going since 1991 and their Fat Tire Amber Ale would have to be in the Craft Beer Hall of Fame if something like that existed. They like the Belgian style and the Fat Tire Belgian White is a classic witbier with the orange peel addition. The oranges are crushed on site and are Seville for the citrusly curious.

Mr Liquor’s buyer works in mysterious ways and we thank him for this.