A Mr Liquor unique – Bridge Road Nitro Mountain Ale

Not Mr Liquor’s normal price point

We get very excited when Mr Liquor at Circular Quay has a unique on his shelves. Normally an odd brand of Euroswill that we suspect has fallen off a ship, today’s unique is a Crafty from Bridge Road.

Well deserved beerp0rn

Nitro Mountain Lager is “inspired by the maltier beers of Europe” (Untappd classifies it as a Vienna Lager). Very clear instructions about how to pour on the can, but we generally don’t carry glassware on the Back of the Ferry (not to say that we haven’t).

Nice can

Apparently goes well with Neck Deep Powder. This correspondent isn’t a skier so I wouldn’t know but it starts to #knitsabeervest™ on a night where spring has retreated. A very smooth and tasty beer.