Burgers & Beers, a new Manly venue

Burgers and beers. What could go wrong? In the combined hands of Chefs Kitchen and Dad & Dave’s Brewing – pretty much nothing. It’s a modest frontage and very simple fit-out, but what comes out of the kitchen and pours from the taps is terrific. The menu contains classic burgers and the specials looked intriguing. I’m kicking myself for not trying the popcorn brisket with white Alabama BBQ sauce – but it was hard to go past $20 happy special. Classic cheese burger, fries and a stubbie of Dad & Dave’s #2.

The menu

The gentleman behind Chef’s Kitchen (Charles “Madman” Curnow) has been pumping out burgers for some time through restaurants and food trucks. A couple of his go-tos are on the menu here including the Cali and the Meaty Ménage. Really does look very good. The 4 taps feature 3 breweries and it is great to see Dad & Dave giving its neighbour 7th Day Brewing a fun. Given how much 4 Pines are charging for high ABV IPAs at the moment, $11 for a pint of limited edition Citra and Mosaic IPA is a comparative bargain. There’s a cider and a limited wine list available as well.

Home delivery was flying out the door as well. Looks like Manly has a new contender for the Burger King

Burgers & Beers: 26 Darley Road, Manly NSW

Insta: @burgersandbeersmanly