Jetlag Fingerlime IPA – Nomad’s 2019 Jetlag reboot

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Nomad love using local and native ingredients in their beer. They are particularly fond of the Finger Lime or citrus australasica. They’ve used it before in their Supersonic Fingerlime DIPA, and it is becoming a popular ingredient in gose and sour styles, as well citrusy IPAs. The Finger Lime is sometimes called caviar lime because of the little globules inside that contain the juice.

Used to great effect in the 2019 reboot of one of Nomad’s original beers (complete with new livery). Same strength as the original – 6%, but I reckon this has more depth. Pours a beautiful golden colour out of the can* and offered a really viscous mouthfeel. Must try on tap next time.

*yep, we were sent a sample