Induction – Don #35 and BotF’s one year anniversary

Tonight’s ferry ride home celebrated many things. Don became our 25th member, the 300th blog was posted onto BotF on the weekend and on Thursday BotF will celebrate its first anniversary.


Don’s been present at some of the bigger Back of the Ferry moments before BotF was immortalised in a blog. His admission (witnessed by Mick, Chris and Patrick) is well overdue.

Favourite Beverage: Jack Daniels
Favourite Sport to Spectate: Rugby Union
Area of trivial expertise: Sailing in the Windward Islands

One year anniversary of BotF

The fourth member of the founding 4 has arrived back in Australia, but is exhausted after much blogging. To celebrate the one year anniversary, we captured those that could make it. We’ll try again on Friday. The first blog was written a year ago on 11/11/09 on the google map to the right. We then created a blog on, but that didn’t meet our exacting requirements and we switched to Happy anniversary.