Drinking in New York City – The Staten Island Ferry

Back of another ferry

Well, there is a new contender for #theworldsbestcommute. I’ve to say that the Staten Island Ferry is simply phenomenal.

An icon from an icon

A photographer’s delight and beer drinker’s paradise. Standing out the Back of the Staten Island Ferry on a mild October afternoon and then evening is one of the most wonderful things I’ve experienced. And this trip has been chockful of wonderful experiences.

The ferry is huge. There’s multiple places to buy beer and the price (for NYC) is modest. I went for a can of Narragansett – an old school beer that is also the name of a nearby Indian tribe. I was joined out the Back by a deckhand, who, like one of his Australian counterparts was a dab hand with the iPhone. There are some breweries on Staten Island. Due to logistical mismanagement – I only made it to one – Flagship Brewing Company. Big site and good beer.

The blue blob is Staten Island

I hope there is another trip to NYC in my future. Next time, brewery crawl and a visit to the Staten Island Yankees – and of course multiple trips on the Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry