Punters pile in to Fury & Son’s taproom opening

An in situ post

Your correspondent copped a tip from Aust Brews News and fortuitously managed to time a trip to Melbourne Airport via Keilor Park. Why? Fury & Son‘s taproom was opening. Not sure whether my fellow patrons also read Aust Brews News, but the punters flocked in. Within an hour of opening the queue was out the door.

This latest trip to Melbourne has revealed the rude health of Melbourne’s craft beer scene. 4 breweries visited that I hadn’t heard of until this trip. Just amazing. I’ve sampled Fury & Son before, but attending the taproom gave me the opportunity to sample a couple of newbies for me. If you can get your hands on their IPA, you are in for a treat. Big and resinous. Massive fan and beer of this trip.

The taproom has 8 taps and in addition to the four Fury & Son standards (Pale, Pilsner, IPA and Citra Sour) there was a couple of guest taps on. Having recently traveled with three daughters in their 20s having a cider on tap is a must to keep everyone happy. Takeaway available. Best thing to come out of Keilor Park since Mark Viduka.

Fury & Son Brewing Company: 46 Concorde Drive, Keilor Park, Victoria