Induction – Sophie #92

Back of the Ferry inductions have been going on for seven years now. It is therefore no surprise that second generation inductions are now occurring. Back in 2010, one of BotF’s greatest partners in beer adventures – Geoff – was inducted. The weather was magnificent that day. Today, Sophie – Geoff’s daughter visiting from her US homeland – enjoyed some of Sydney’s finest ever winter weather during her own induction. Sophie is a deserving inductee as she has been a spectator to some of this correspondent’s LA brewery adventures with Geoff and a witness to many excursions to Gelson’s with illiards for unique beer purchases.

The third Larb to be inducted

And so to the questions.

Favourite beverage: Root Beer (in bottles)

Favourite sport to spectate: any form of basketball

Area of trivial expertise: Geography

Favourite bar and why: The 60 Hotel, Beveley Hills because it has a cool rooftop

As an overseas guest, Sophie enjoyed the el primo induction BotF induction experience which included a visit to North Head for the sunset and a 4 Pines meal.

Great to welcome you to the club, Sophie, and go the Matildas (an inside joke).

Induction ceremony performed by Bladdamasta and witnessed by Alf on board the MV Collaroy.