Black Lab Milk Stout – perfect for a cold BotF

(In Situ post from the Back of the MV Collaroy).

Gloom with a ribbon of sun from the Turn Bar

We’ve had a dream run so far this winter on the Back of the Ferry. The last fortnight in particular has been sublime. Clear days, mild nights and therefore very little need to #knitsabeervest™ (the consumption of powerful dark beers before or during a cold voyage).

Warming Black Lab Milk Stout

Whilst the forecast maximum temperatures for the upcoming week are still up around 18, I think the BotF will feel that little bit colder. Definitely wear that thermal and/or grab a Stout (or a thumping IPA) that #knitsabeervest™. The Australian Wine(o) Centre has just added a selection of Modus Operandi beers to their fridges. I’ve not tried their Black Lab Milk Stout before. The label talks up the addition of lactose and sugar for a “touch of sweetness and decadence”. Yes, but the roasted flavours I like in a good Stout are still very prevalent.