Induction – Trent #90

It has been a long time between inductions, but this one’s been well worth the wait. Trent has accompanied @illiards and @bladdamasta on some memorable beer travel experiences. He’s as open minded as they come and loves a venture into the unknown. And if it’s a dud, like the Mauritian craft beer joint in suburban Oahu – no worries – just chalk it up to experience.


So to the questions.

Favourite beverage: “Golden Ale in any form. Love the nomad version”

Favourite sport to spectate: Tuna wrangling

Area of trivial expertise: Meat

Favourite bar of all time: New York City, Hogs and Heifers. Coyote Ugly was based on this bar.

Induction conducted and witnessed by Bladdamasta on MV Freshwater l