Still the best named beers – Hopdog BeerWorks

Along with radical flavourings and exotic additives, craft beer is also well known for some of the names that are given to the brews. Think ‘Barrique Okarma’ by Feral Brewing, ‘Get Down American Brown’ by Brew Cult and ‘Polygamy Porter’ by Wasatch Brewery (‘Why just have one’).

While these names are generally nice one offs by the breweries involved, one brewer seems to consistently nail this with a continuous production of superbly named beers.


Tim Thomas – bestower of beer names (& your correspondent)

The brewer is Hopdog Beerworks down on the NSW south coast at Nowra. Back of the Ferry last visited back in 2013 and a little persistence is required to convince travelling companions that there is indeed a nice little brewery tucked into a nondescript industrial estate behind Bunnings.

Tim, owner and brewer, is always welcoming and keen to discuss his craft. It seems he had just sent off his lastest GABs Festival entry that involved incorporating candy floss into the brewing process.

While a couple of the beers available on this visit we had tried previously there were three well named uniques we had not. I tried the fruit bomb BattlePhruit Galactica VIPA, the juicy Blood Eagle Wings Red IPA (only a single keg brewed that fortuitously for me never made it to Melbourne due to a truck breakdown) and finally the belting Mage Armor Belgian Triple – a not so subtle nod to Tim’s penchant for pre-digital role player games (RPGs).

Hopdog is well worth convincing any fellow travellers to sneak in for few while passing.

Hopdog Beerworks
Address: Unit 2, 175 Princess Highway, South Nowra (click for map)