@brotherburger & the Marvellous Brew – handcrafted heaven

Old school signage

I love old school eating and drinking up on a stool at the bar. I think that I may have just found one of the best places in Melbourne to do just that. Kieran, my frequent partner in crime in Melbourne, and I ventured to the rather posh streets of South Yarra and wandered into the wonderfully named Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew.  It was so good I returned a week later to share it with some Sydney folk visiting Melbourne.

A selection of meat grinders

You are guaranteed to eat something you’ve never eaten before and there’s a fair chance you’ll find a beer you haven’t had before. There’s also a unique visual treat. BB & MB has the largest collection of meat grinders in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s not a hard claim to believe – because I don’t think I’ve ever seen any collection of meat grinders.

Wings & Burgers – original recipes

Why the meat grinders? Well, BB & MB have set themselves a lofty and admirable goal.

At Brother Burger we hand-craft our burgers to serve you not just Melbourne’s best burgers, we aim much higher – we aim to serve you the world’s best burgers.

They hand-make everything, and that includes grinding the meat to make the Wagyu patties. The burgers are lovingly put together and well-priced given the effort that goes into them.

Sprinkle sherbet, squeeze juice – Fizzy Wings

The culinary treat that really blew me away, though, were the Wingz Fizz. BB & MB’s range of wings is pretty extraordinary – I’d love someone to try the GTFO wings. I’ve never sprinkled sherbet over a savoury dish and never had wings that were fizzing as I ate them. Really clever and very tasty. There’s a few more varieties to work through on the menu.

Fine Victorian brews

The beer list is rock solid as well. The South Yarra outlet has 15 taps with the kegs and lines all visible to the drinker as you sit at the bar. The list changes regularly and appears to always be eclectic. Worthwhile checking out Now Tapped to see what’s and the list is substantially different from when I visited. The outstanding Hawkers IIPA (2017) is still on the list as I write.

We don’t do ratings on Back of the Ferry, but if we did, this would score highly. A must visit when in Melbourne town.

Brother Burger & the Marvellous Brew: 560 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Victoria.