Moon Dog Brewery – there’s celery in my beer

Yep, Bill. It’s real.

Made it to Melbourne on a Sunday arvo, which means a brewery crawl. More articles to come, but can’t wait to post this photo from Moon Dog Brewery. I’ve never had a celery garnish before, but is appropriate in the Breakfast Of Champions – a Bloody Mary red ale. I used to love tomato juice until I had to remove it from my diet (I’ll say no more) – and this beer is bringing back fond memories.


I’ve enjoyed visiting parts of Melbourne that tourists wouldn’t see on this brewery odyssey. Victoria Street, Abbotsford definitely warrants a future explore for its food scene. The Moon Dog Brewery is in an industrial street, complete with neighbouring brothel. Behind the roller door is a funky space with brick and corrugated iron walls. At the back is the bar with 7 taps going strong (with an 8th tap for cocktails).

Great space

There’s a pizza caravan out the front serving well named pies (it is Moon Dog after all, one of the finest namer of beers in the world). My favourite – “There’s no mushroom in this town for…”. Op shops and deceased estates in the area have been well raised for couches and recliners. Good money has been spent on the sound system – And the playlist is good.

the beer list

The Moon Dog greatest hits are on the list including my all time favourite Moon Dog drop – Splice of Heaven.

Moon Dog Brewery: 17 Duke Street, Abbotsford, Victoria