Unique hunters – 1806 has a beer for you

The modest entry to 1806

So Back of the Ferry is @untappd uniques obsessed.  Our @untappd checkin criteria is quite loose (depends on who is checking in), but my philosophy is:

  • Check in a unique beer
  • Check in a beer at a unique venue
  • Check in a beer on the Back of the Ferry

Checking in a unique beer at a unique venue is winning squared for us.  That’s what happened at 1806 this arvo. And I’m pretty sure you’ll only find this unique at this venue.

Branded beer

1806 is a cocktail bar first and foremost. They even run cocktail making classes. Shelves behind the long bar bulge with spirit bottles. It is a beautiful bar. The shelves are surrounded by red velvet curtains like theatre drapes. There’s a mezzanine level much like balcony seats in a theatre.

The bar

The concept of white labelled beer is definitely becoming more popular. Pocket Pizza in Manly have a beer made by Two Birds and may even be relabelled Golden Ale. 1806 Blonde Ale is made by Cavalier Brewing, but I can’t tell if it’s white labelled or specially brewed. It’s pretty inoffensive and has a nice malt profile. 1806 is a lovely place to drink. Also love a place with any connection to Barry Humphris. He laid the stone of the building 1806 is in.  BTW, Barry Humphries’ alter ego Sir Les Patterson launched Bill Leak’s most recent book. Now overshadowed by the sad death of the controversial but well intentioned cartoonist – but watch the YouTube video of Sir Les’s poem and Tim Worner joke. Even in his 80s, Barry is Australia’s funniest man.

Barry Humphries was here

1806: 169 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria