4000 @untappd uniques celebrated on the Back of the Ferry

Founding four, around 2011

On the first of February 2011, illiards and I downloaded the @untappd app. @untappd is a great beer drinking companion, and whilst the Back of the Ferry blog ebbs and flows, BotF’s @untappd usage has remained constant. It’s copped a flogging recently with trips to Europe and China providing no shortage of uniques. But there’s no finer place than the Back of the Ferry to drink a unique.

The founding four, 6 years and 1000s of beers on

Lamb0, pommy_ch, illiards and bladdamasta founded this blog in 2009. Over the years our gatherings have become more and more sporadic as work interrupts our BotF time more and more. Amazingly and without any planning, the founding four just happened to assemble on the evening illiards and bladdamasta checked in the 4000th @untappd unique.

@untappd #3998 – beerito, Mexican style beer

Cyril Dickthorpe, who has contributed to the 4000 pulled out at the last minute and sent his apologies. We also missed oompaloompa and Tony from Toowoomba – who are presently far away.

Nomad at the Turn Bar.

In the old days (the pre 1000s) it was possible to visit any bottlo and pick 3 @untappd uniques (a beer not checked in to our @untappd account) for the voyage home. Those days are long gone and for a three trip unique you’ve got to plan and visit a champion bottlo like the Oak Barrel.

There was some careful selection for 3999 and 4000. Nomad’s an insular peninsula brewer and one we’ve seen develop since this whole thing started. Saltpan Desert Gose (3999) sums up the variety that craft beer now. For 4000 though (given no unique 4 Pines were available), we couldn’t go past a Doctor’s Orders Ronnie. We love Doc and he loves us as has been documented. His Tonic Witbier was a perfect way to knock off 4000. We are holding the Tonic tins the second photo.

Great voyage and here’s to 4000 more. About February 2023 I reckon.