In praise of Una’s and Jopen Northsea IPA

Jäger Schnitzel – hard to go past

One of the best feeds in Sydney Full Stop can be had at Una’s in Darlinghurst. Una’s is as old school as you get. In an era where every new venue has a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and a website – Una’s simply has a phone number. The decor is functional, the menu is straightforward, the helpings are beyond generous and the value for money is second to none.  Despite options like Goulash, Kassler, Swiss Weisswurst etc being available I can never go past the Jäger Schnitzel. Whether you choose Veal, Pork or Chicken, inevitably crumbed meat hangs over the edge of a pretty large  plate. The mushroom sauce mightn’t be visually appealing – but ignore that – taste is everything.
Schnitzel is best washed with beer. 500ml tankards of ice cold Spaten are very popular, but rewards await if you go off tap.

Jopen’s Dutch IPA

Jopen is Dutch brewer from the city of Haarlem. In its heydey, Haarlem boasted over 50 brewers before heavy taxation and cheaper alternative beverages terminally reduce the demand for beer and ultimately all the brewers close.  In 1992, efforts to revive Haarlem’s brewing past were kicked and recipes from 1407 and the 1500s were discovered.  The Jopen Brewery started making beers according to the recipes. Long story short, the Jopen brewery has gone from strength to strength. They make a really good IPA, which they claim was inspired by strong hoppy beers made by the Dutch for transportation to the East Indies. Sounds familiar. Maybe an EIPA, which is easier to say than “Duraebel Scheepsbier”. Any way, a bloody good beer to accompany a bloody good feed.

A history lesson

Una’s Restaurant: 340 Victoria Road, Darlinghurst, NSW