Closing the loop on 12SQM Bar

A Beijing relic in Melbourne

One of my favourite Beijing haunts was the 12SQM Bar, self proclaimed as “Beijing’s smallest bar”. It was to be found near the southern end of NanluguoXiang, but as I’ve discovered on return visits has bitten the dust along with numerous other great watering holes.

Imagine my surprise when I popped into a hitherto undiscovered hole in the wall in Melbourne to see an old sign on the wall – 12SQM Bar/Cafe.

2009 pub crawl

Through the wonder of Google Photos, I was able to drag up a photo of a 2009 pub Beijing pub crawl and send it to the owner of the Whisky Den. “Is this sign from Beijing?”. Sure enough, he confirms that it is. He also confirms 12SQM’s demise or demolition to be exact. I am so glad that a little piece of Beijing history has been preserved – even if it is 9000km from its original spot. The owner of the Whisky Den just needs to get a pie warmer installed and it’ll be like being back in Beijing. Aaah – nostalgia…

A meat pie, Coopers and a ‘roo in Beijing

Whisky Den: 2b/27 Russell Street, Melbourne.