Fortuitously in London – The Old Red Cow

Your correspondent is having the current pleasure of spending some time in London for his day job. As per the unofficial #botf manifesto I am also maximising my tourism time by walking for bloody miles while sampling, what will become evident, shedloads of craft beer options.

The sun sets here around 9pm so there’s heaps of time to get about and see the sights after a day of maximising shareholder value. After landing and dropping my bags off on Day 1 I set off and covered miles – from Chiswick to Notting Hill, across Kensington Gardens, down to Marble Arch thence on to the Barbican.


Bit of tourism & The Old Red Cow

London botf observation #1: it is just super crowded. Everywhere. I haven’t been in London for 25 years. In this time the population has absolutely exploded. Just getting down the sidewalk requires dexterity, skill and a fair amount of pain absorption.

The venue for this post is the Old Red Cow at the Barbican. I met my brother, also #fortuitously in country, and settled in to what reminded me of my Grandma’s front parlour. The taps were dominated by the Hop Stuff  brewery with a few other oddments. The food choices were also cracking and the venue encouraged cross-group engagement which only emboldened my brother to captivate our neighbours with his new found love of Arsenal.

A super little venue that’s worth a few pints and dinner.

Address: 71/72 Long Lane, Barbican, London, EC1A 9EJ (select for map)
Tube: Barbican