Craft Beer Co & piling on the miles

Your correspondent has continued his London treks to fight off the jet lag. For today’s venture I crossed the Thames on the London Bridge and walked west along the Thames to St Paul’s then back through Cheapside to the Tower, crossing Tower Bridge and back to Borough Markets for some dinner. Just superb. Again, absolutely loving the late sunset.


Enjoying the sites

London botf observation #2: Londoners are absolute boozehounds and drink all week. Back in Sydney as I head home on a Monday or Tuesday evening there might be a small crowd at each pub I past – at best. Over here, every boozer is absolutely heaving. Bursting at the seams with patrons 3 and 4 deep on the street. It’s insane. And it’s every pub every night (worth repeating this). I have a theory to explain all this which I will use as a future botf London observation.

Today’s venue is the Craft Beer Co. at Covent Garden. I #fortuitously stumbled upon this place while actually looking for another craft venue. The Craft Beer Co run a chain of these places throughout London. I would love something like this in Sydney. Each has 20 or so rotating craft taps and there’s never one more than a couple of tube stops from anywhere in central London. Nirvana.

The Covent Garden outlet is pretty utilitarian with the the focus on all the beer in the street level corner bar and more seating underground in a dungeon-like setting. It was too cold for this Aussie to stand outside.

Address: 168 High Holborn, WC1V 7AA (select for map)
Tube: Covent Garden