@FiveBarrels Hoppy Amber – TRY IT

Recently, one of Back of the Ferry’s favourite* (beer) blogs put up a post on Five Barrel Brewing. This is a new brewery in Wollongong and read the back story on Beer is your Friend.

JT & SJL would approve

I used to get to the ‘gong quite often about 5 years ago, but spare weekends are spent in the Hunter and I wasn’t really expecting to see any Five Barrel beers in Sydney any time soon. It was a pleasant surprise then to find Five Barrel Hoppy Amber on tap at Hotel Sweeney. In short, what a beer. It is without doubt the hoppiest Amber I’ve ever tasted. There is some caramel there, but you could be excused for thinking you are drinking an IPA. I’d go so far as to say beer of the year, for me, so far.

A beautiful looking beer

Now, unlike Beer is your Friend, our @untappd addiction shows no signs of abating. (Warning – beer geekery follows). I looked up @untappd and couldn’t find “Hoppy Amber” – but there was an Amber Ale listed. Now I was with a mate, and I couldn’t put him through the agony of watching me create a beer on @untappd (quite rude really) – so I emailed the brewer via his website for clarification. Two minutes later a reply. @untappd needs an update and what did I think of the beer? I replied as above and his brewer’s notes (below) came back pronto.

Has the qualities of an IPA with that little sweetness of an Amber to balance it out (imo).

Truly social drinking on @untappd!

*it’s a favourite because of its longevity, his frequency and Back of the Ferry was featured (we didn’t like to boast).