Curtin House Rooftop Bar – a reminder of Melbourne’s great appeal

7th Heaven on the 7th floor

After quite a break, your correspondent looks like he’ll be spending some time in Melbourne over the coming months. It’s a city I grew to love and a lunch at Cookie and a flying visit to the Curtin House Rooftop Bar reminded me just why.

Will book for the next off site

Had lunch at Cookie, which is a legendary craft beer/Thai joint on the first floor of Curtin House.  Fabulous beer list, though I had a run of strikes where everything I ordered wasn’t on the list! Tried White Rabbit Red, which was a oncer for me. Expecting a red ale (as per @untappd) and got a sour. Mind over matter. Dainton Sinister Sister made up for it. Thai food is stunning. Deep fried five spice chicken is a must.

Very sharp Summer Ale

A post prandial was called for and there is almost nothing better in life than a great rooftop bar. Access is via 7 flights of stairs or a lift older than Methusalah to the 6th flop and a flight of stairs. Views are wonderful and there is so much room. Cooper’s Pale in the stubbie and the tap beers don’t require a second mortgage. The experience was magnified by an extraordinary April afternoon in Melbourne that rivalled Sydney’s protracted summer. Looking forward to future visits.

The bar