Rooftop drinking in Bangkok and a very short ferry ride.

This correspondent is en route to Cambodia and Vietnam with his family, which has meant a night’s stopover in Bangkok. We are getting a 5.55am train to the Cambodian border so our accomodation’s location is determined by the proximity to Hua Lamphong train station. I had hoped for a spot of rooftop bar crawling, but was limited to a quick dash to one.

Rooftop bars are a big thing in Bangkok. In researching the trip I found articles describing the Top 20. The most famous is the bar featured in The Hangover 2. The majority are high end and very expensive. I spotted one about 1.5km from our hotel (hostel) and after putting the majority of the family to bed, I grabbed a wing(Wo)man and jumped in a tuk-tuk. The Chao Phraya winds its way through Bangkok and separated us from our target – the Millenium Hilton. No drama, the shortest ferry I’ve been on covered the distance in two minutes. It ran a gauntlet of pleasure ferries drifting up and down the river. The variety of vessel was stunning – floating temples, lilac lit ferries. Sampans.

The rooftop of the Millenium Hilton is absolutely spectacular. Stunning views North and South along the Chao Phraya. There’s an exclusive higher section if you are prepared to buy a bottle of spirits or French bubbles, but we settled for a Stubbie of $11 Singha and a mocktail. The quiet was eerie. The city was ebbing and flowing but at 32 stories up you felt quite distant from it. Next time I need to get the 5.55am train to Cambodia, I might be staying here instead.