Wolf Clan a craft beer in the making from Toowoomba

For those of that don’t know Toowoomba it is one the largest inland cities in Australia nestled in the heart of the wonderfully productive Darling Downs. There are a bevy of small historical pubs scattered throughout the Downs and it’s been the correspondents subliminal intention to start reviewing those wonderful spots since our return from Zhongguo. A few beauties come to mind the Sandy Creek Hotel quite literally in the middle of nowhere, the Railway Hotel in Allora and the Karara Hotel the Nindigully Pub half way between St George and Dirranbandi which still has a hitching rail outside. Alas a New Years challenge and aspiration but more importantly back to T-bar.

The news has broken quietly this morning in the local rag, (the Toowoomba Chronicle) but the pensive anticipation of the page 3 story will have more than a few excitable!

This guy has been smart, he has been collaborating with a couple of craft friendly local pubs in particular The Spotted Cow aka The Spotted Bullock and seems to garnering support.

The mere thought of being able to sip a locally brewed craft ale during next years Carnival of Flowers procession down Ruthven Street conjures thoughts of an inland cultural Mecca – as the article suggest we’ve come a long way in the last few years.

In the true spirit of the silly season “come oh ye faithful ….” T-bar’s also the beneficiary of the first brand new privately funded airport in Australia with 11 direct flights to Sydney per week. Sounds like a sojourn in the making Sydney BotF’s …..