FFC Angkor and ABC Extra Stout

The FCC (Foriegn Correspondents Club) Angkor is regarded as one of Siem Reap’s finer old school bars and restaurants. It lies on the banks of the Siem Reap River in the Old French Quarter of Siem Reap. Attached to a hotel, the FCC is a great place for an afternoon bevvy after a day of templing, whilst the girls go shopping. Historic pictures adorn the walls and the shuttered place stills projects old charm despite some modern touches. The beer list is like most Cambodian beer lists – staples abound, but I have jagged a unique.

ABC (Archipelago Brewery Company) Extra Stout is a funny Bree to have on the menu. It is 30 degrees (at least), and an 8% stout doesn’t really suit this Climate. That said, it is a meaty stout with a touch of vegemite to the finish. Back to bar street tonight for the Cambodian Beer diet of Angkor, Anchor and Cambodia