1500 @untappd uniques!

The app of choice for the backoftheferry is @untappd. The botf correspondents celebrate with relish the various badges the app rewards us for enjoying our favourite beverage but none more than the Uniques*.

Botf reached the 1000 milestone (“Extraordinary”) almost 11 months ago and we’ve been able to maintain a pretty superlative rate in the period since.

* a unique is a beer enjoyed and checked into @untappd for the first time

@untappd 1500 uniques

The 1500th Unique – Beer Here Executioner IPA

1500 @untappd uniques

Wish there was a badge for this

Last Saturday, while enjoying the hospitality of botf inductee, Ferg, we reached the 1500 uniques milestone. Whats more the view for beerp0rn from Ferg’s northern beaches eyrie was superb. The beer itself was the #squintingly good Executioner IPA from the lads at Beer Here in Denmark.

The only let down was that Untappd does not reward the user with a badge at 1500 uniques. The next badge for uniques is at the unimaginable number of 2500. For that you earn the ‘Elite’ moniker. What about some short term targets Mr Untappd? Maybe a ‘Pretty Special’ for 1500 and a ‘Very Well Done’ for 2000?

Still, the view was superb and we rewarded ourselves with a further few cracking uniques. Namely an Extra Special Bitter (“right amount of bitter. Some caramel.”) from Moylans in northern California and a Milennium Falcon (“Lot of #squint. Chewy. Lots of fruit.”) by Holgate in Victoria.

Holgate Milennium Falcon

Magic beerp0rn