Induction – Wardy #49



This correspondent was on the late boat home have a “business meeting” with old inductee Don (we don’t see you enough on the Back), when I bumped into a long time follower of BotF’s acquatic and alcoholic antics. M W loves his @untapped and frequently comments on Back of the Ferry’s check ins, but we rarely get the same boat or are in the 4 Pines at the same time. The stars aligned last night and Don and I deferred our business meeting and had a good old chin wag with M W. By the end of the voyage, Don and M W had worked out numerous insular peninsula connections and a previous meeting some 10 years ago. And so to the all important questions.

Favourite Beverage: IPA

Favourite sport to spectate: Soccer

Area of trivial expertise: Science

Don and I commented on the breadth of M W’s chosen topic, but he convinced us of a store of scientific knowledge during the voyage. During the course of our journey home, we watched 6 Australian Patrol Boats sail past as the International Fleet Review readies. Not sure who’ll be stopping the boats this week, given our border protectors are all in Sydney getting slaughtered – but Scott M wouldn’t tell us anyway if anyone did come in. Welcome aboard M W – see you around.

Induction ceremony witnessed by bladdamasta and Don.