Induction – John #40


Tonight’s induction almost didn’t happen. Sydney turned on a crazy weather day today. At one stage, it was apparently 29 degrees. Remember – this is winter. A wild win hit in the afternoon, which had that tropical, humid feel about it which screamed thunderstorm. That duly hit as this correspondent and our latest inductee sprinted through the streets of West Wynyard to the ferry. Our inductee was a little hesitant about the journey given the sheeting rain, but I assured him that the salty seadogs that make up the Back of the Ferry foundation membership group wouldn’t miss a trip because of a little precipitation.

Cricket injury

Our latest inductee has lived on the insular peninsula all his life. John loves his beer and successfully tried to find a beer that this correspondent hasn’t had before. He’s a bit of a sportsman and that disturbing photo of his finger is testament to a few years behind the stumps as a wicket-keeper. Whilst it might have a soggy evening, it turned out to be a great evening for photography. So to the important questions.

Favourite beverage: Any good South Australian red wine

Favourite sport to spectate: Test Cricket

Area of trivial expertise: Sport

Fine Beerporn

We weren’t able to get any @Untappd uniques, but we were able to celebrate the induction with a couple of ripper beers. The Sierra Nevada Kellerweis has been reviewed before – but gees it’s a great Hefeweizen. We followed it up with a brilliant pilsner that has also made these pages before – Schiehallion. Again the twilight and the stormy skies made for great beerporn.


Induction witnesses: Bladdamasta, illiards, pommy_ch, lamb0