A “Classic” Michelada and Baja Blond

This correspondent has been away from the family for a few nights. In addition, on a recent visit to the hippest new place in Manly, I only took one daughter. Another was not amused. So to make amends – a return visit to Chica Bonita was called for. It was a pretty quiet Wednesday night in Manly, but that didn’t prevent Chica Bonita from being fuller than a Catholic primary school. My original mission was to try the “Classic Michelada” – a cocktail involving beer, but when an @Untappd unique appeared on the menu – the visit was slightly extended.

Baja Blond – really from Baja

Not being a massive cocktail drinker, actually not being a cocktail drinker, I’m not sure which cocktail causes the most debate around what is the “classic” recipe. I know that martinis have multiple versions and cocktail barmen are always putting a spin on traditional drinks. A quick perusal of the internet indicates that there are many, many ways to make a Michelada. Chica Bonita’s version does look pretty traditional – Tomato Juice, lime, chilli flakes, Worcestershire Sauce, hot sauce, ice, salt and beer. The variety occurs around Tomato v Clamato, no Clamato or Tomato, the variety of hot sauce, soy sauce (in or out), the version of spice (paprika, garlic pepper, cayenne or diced jalapeno). It is fair enough for an Australian bar to omit the Clamato (a blend of tomato juice and clam juice, which costs $14.50 for a 2l bottle) – but everything is widely available. One to try at home, I reckon, and a blando beer like Tecate is just made for a drink like this.

Tecate based Michelada

Chica Bonita has discovered a new Mexican beer. I haven’t seen Baja Blond before. It is a cerveza artesanal that is made by the Baja Brewing Company, which is located in San Jose del Cabo near the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. These guys have been going since 2007 and make a range of beers including a black, a stout, a raspberry, and red and this blond. To be honest, my palate was completely whacked from the Michelada – and it would be unfair to say much about the Baja Blond. My lips were quite numb from the chili that was liberally used in my drink.