“De Koninck” @ The Swan with Two necks

Beijing Bachelors are colloquially referred to during the northern hemisphere summer holidays as a consequence of their spouses and siblings escaping the Metropolis for home or more serene landscapes. Typically this period see’s “BB’s” frequent local watering holes (more often than normal) in search marginally better conversion than the adopted new Labrador at home who only responds to questions in Zhong Wen.

The curiously named Swan with Two Necks has featured previously on BotF during Bladdamasters recent sojourn and is slowly becoming this North Asian correspondents replacement for the much loved Pomegranate although I still lament it’s sudden and heart wrenching demise.

De Konick was a very welcome Belgium surprise at the Swan with Two Beaks. Given this is a live post unfortunately further research doesn’t accompany the dialogue. However this is indeed a nice Kilkenny styled darker brew with subtle hints of liquorish and mint. One is left a little wanting with the size of the Stubbie at 330 mls but it has a medium slug at 5.6%.

Unfortunately the bar men refused hold the Stubbie to Zhao Zhao Pian for professional code of conduct reasons.