Indo Craft Beer and a Nasi Campur

After punching out endless Bintangs (with no complaints mind you) your correspondent has stumbled upon some local Balinese craft beers.

There are two breweries as far as I can ascertain and I enjoyed some output from Stark made at the Lovina Beach Brewery (Lovina is on Bali’s north coast).

The Stark Wheat made a pleasant change from Bintang – I have reverted though while writing this – and was tart on the tongue in that metallic way some wheat beers are. First comparison I made was with Hoegaarden just with less head.

Today’s meal accompaniment was Nasi Campur (pronounced champur). Two types of chicken – fried and BBQ – with the omnipresent rice and various flavourings. AAA+.

The much maligned AUD continues on its merry way northward. Gets 10,000 rupiah give or take a few bakelite throwaways. Changed a handful of pineapples today and almost needed a wheelbarrow to leave the bank. Reminded me of those 1920s photos of Germans during the Weimer Republic wheeling barrowloads of Marks just to buy a loaf of bread.