@BlueSkybrewery Pilsner and Inskip Point


About 12kms north of Rainbow Beach lies Inskip Point. There’s no permanent population at Inskip, but right now there must be 1,000 campers. Living cheek to jowl in a village made up of caravans and canvas, it is teeming with people. It is the connection point to Fraser Island and two barges ferry people back and forth from the sand spit right at the end of the point.


The campers come to enjoy the fishing, sailing, boating, jet skiing and swimming in the 26 degree waters. Within a short distance there’s surf and the bay waters of Tin Can Bay. As we watched the barges do their thing we sipped a Blue Sky Pilsner. This comes from Cairns which is from where Blue Sky Brewery is trying to become the Coopers of Far North Queensland. Operated by brothers, it, like Coopers, has a bar at the airport of its city. They’ve got a great range of beers and have won plenty of awards. Blue Sky beers are only available in Qld, but they’ve done well getting into Dr Dans and First Choice. I’ll give the Pilsner another try when it is cold.