Rio Bravo in a can and a specatator’s perspective of the darts GF

Mexican VB?

Unlike many other beer blogs, Back of the Ferry is not afraid to delve into bottom reaches of a bottle-shop fridge, particularly if it is a brew that hasn’t graced these pages or added to BotF’s unique beer list on @untappd. We are within sight of “Legendary” status so discoveries of tins of unheard of Mexican beer help. Rio Bravo is made by the makers of Mexicali, who are so proud of it that it doesn’t even make it onto their site. Maybe it’s not the Dutch that make generic stuff with cliched names.

pommy_ch at the Occy

Cans aren’t so bad to drink from, but it’s only the macros’ whose beers make it into the tinnie. I was speaking to an aspiring Aussie craft brewer recently, and he reckons it is just too expensive. Naturally in the US there are blogs devoted only to beers in tins and of Maine has canned their entire range. The sound of cracking a can and the feel of wiping the brow on the icy cold metal is very nostalgic of summer.

Des. I'd leave too, if this painting hung in my club

By now the Back of the Ferry darts representatives will have come down from their high. Lamb0 has already eloquently the feeling of being a player in such a tense event. I toddled down to the Manly Leagues Club to give the boys some support, and ended up being drawn in to the whole drama.

The winning dart

The tension became quite unbearable towards the end, particularly as our boys were dropping games that they should have won. Nerves frayed on both sides, and breaches of etiquette were occasionally called. There were a couple of epic games where players went dart for dart waiting for each other to crack. Lamb0 was quite nerveless at the end, even though he dropped the middle leg of his three legged singles. When victory finally came the release of pressure was substantial and the boys sustained their jubilation, deservedly, for some time.

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