Darts Grand Final

Much rejoicing

Darts is a great game. An elusive headspace of supreme relaxation and ruthless concentration will allow those darts to sing and it’s an awesome, Zen-like feeling to be in that zone.

Last night was not like that.

When your darts become unruly, they can be disciplined to a degree but a battle with your darts is never a glorious victory. The harder you try, the harder it gets and such darts will never smoothly find their own way to the target. A series of outer wires can rattle the concentration and the treble-20 can start to look very small and very far away.

To peg out on such a night the overwhelming emotion is relief. Behind 6-5 and down a leg in both the 12th and 13th game it was looking like Dee Why Master Builders was heading for an 8-5 loss. It was a tight, tense match up and both teams may have been a bit nervy. Sometimes there is only a few millimetres between a 180 and a 26 and a slight tremble of the hand is more than enough to do the damage.

One of the proven techniques is to apply amber fluid regularly, generously and vigorously. It may have been the difference as Dee Why Master Builders steadied and with a bit of luck evened the legs and then went ahead to win the GF 8-6. There was much rejoicing. Bad luck to Time&Tide especially Frank & Sharyn who were the only undefeated players on the night.