Dolphin Pale Ale and the first delivery of summer

There’s a tradition I’ve endeavoured to maintain over the years, which is to watch the first ball of the first test of the Australian summer of cricket. Wasn’t sure I’d manage it this year but the stars have aligned and I’ve made it. By the way, the opening delivery didn’t augur well for the inexperienced Aussies, indeed 0/13 after one over is an ominous score.

I’m enjoying a “Traditional Quaffing Ale”, called Dolphin Pale Ale. It comes from the Dolphin Brewery in Daylesford, which is nowhere near the ocean.
“brewing with a porpoise”, the Dolphin crew have come up with a meaty, flavoursome beer. It is very reminiscent of Coopers Sparkling in its consistency, mouth feel and appearance. Plenty of sediment. I’ll be having another, in a while.

The first ball