Man Singh IPA and parallel universes

Man Singh IPA

Universe #2

Here at backoftheferry we love our untappd [ @untappd ]. This app/website celebrates ones consumption of orange whips and lets you simultaneously tweet the world about a new found beverage and annoy your wife/DSE/life partner over dinner.

The lads at untappd also reward you with ‘badges’ for your patterns of consumption. One of these highly sought after virtual gifts was ‘IPA Day’. Simply enjoy an IPA on a given day and receive the badge.

With IPA Day looming bladdamasta promised a rare IPA for the day’s botf trip. Alas. Your correspondent was called home early for some reason or other so I called past the local and also got a cheeky, new IPA. In such circumstances, a botf member will quickly snap some beerporn, review and then tweet the world via untappd of their conquest. Well, bugga me, I’d stolen bladdamasta’s thunder and quite by accident picked up the very same brew, the Badlands Brewery Man Singh IPA. bladdamasta kindly deferred the review but had a rewarding botf nonetheless.

Badlands Brewery is one a growing band of craft brewers coming out of NSW. The Man Singh is rich and not too bitter. It has a rich dark honey colour and the taste has some nice fruity undertones. As the good beers do, it got even better with drinking. I’ve had a few more longnecks since (points awarded for a great bottle with the swingtop lid) and my first impressions remain unswayed. A great IPA for IPA Day.


Well done. Here's virtual gift!