Great Leap Brewing

Great Leap Brewing is yet another Microbrewery to commence operations in Zhongguo. GLB have their main brewery in a Hutong in the City and a second at the foot of the Great Wall in a village close to Mutianyu.

BoTF recently sampled GLB’s signature Pale Ale created by Brewmaster and owner Carl Setzer at the Schoolhouse. The clear one litre bottle provides the drinker with an uninhibited glimpse of the beautifully cloudy honey brown colour. The tasting imbibes a very fruity almost juicy flavour with very little head. It is definitely different and far from unpleasant but leaves the drinker wondering whether in fact if this is indeed a beer or possibly a cider. None the less as one continues to work through the balance contents of the bottle the complexity of flavours really start to emerge.

Carl has another couple brews in his Quiver which BoTF looks forward experiencing soon.