I’ve Never Seen a Man beat the Snake before

Bruce Spence, gyro captain, famously uttered these words out the back of Broken Hill as Max beat the snake to get at the choppers fuel tanks….Dave Faulkner did the same to the muso’s of Snaketide earlier this year.

Back in February, Rat Faulder of Snaketide and part-time snake, Russ Clarke were joined on stage by Dave Faulkner of the Hoodoo Gurus. Dave can be seen here ripping into the final throws of …..a thousand ….a thousand ….a thouSAND MILES AWAAAAYYYYY hey hey hey…a thousand…

In the photo on the left your botfa correspondant is at rear holding the sax doing the falsetto backing vocal…..and leaning in to some emotion at right, with the Rat picking strings and teeth in tandem.