Two Birds Brewing – Golden Ale launch

BotF and TBB Golden Ale

About a week ago, two BotF correspondents wedged in a quick beer at Harts Pub before the 6pm ferry. We had a pint of Two Birds Brewing Golden Ale. We checked in the beer through @untappd and we promptly asked our views by @twobirdsbrewing. A couple of tweets later and @backoftheferry has locked in the 4th of November as the date of the Sydney launch for Two Birds Brewing Golden Ale. Aaah, the interweb.

Two Birds pulling....a couple of beers

Sydney turned on a glorious day for the launch and bladdamasta and one of our most faithful female members, who is still determining her BotF sobriquet, fronted at 4.30pm for kick-off. It was a flying visit as the 5.30pm ferry beckoned. A subsequent viewing of twitter and Untappd, indicated that like the Melbourne launch (which was covered with rapidity by our Melbourne confrere) the Sydney Beer mafia showed up. The Two Birds – Danielle Allen and Jayne Lewis (former Mountain Goat brewer) attended and pulled a couple of schooners for the paparazzi (which included BotF’s unsobriqueted representative).

Dolphins out there - honest!

Cheers ladies. This is a really refreshing beer and one that would be a fine accompaniment to a scorcher on the Back of the Ferry. Hopefully you can convince Mr Liquor at Circular Quay or Vintage Cellars at Carrington Street to carry your 6 packs. It could be a sculler (and it was), but there’s enough taste to linger over if you don’t have to bolt for a ferry.

Lucky we caught the 5.30pm. The Harbour is starting to teem with life and pommy_ch noted the presence of plenty of fish. No sooner had he made that observation that a school of dolphins came in for a pretty easy feed. Gotta love Sydney Harbour.