Williams’s Premium Lager

Today’s short blog literally comes from the back of the ferry. This correspondent is off to Melbourne and on the weekend it’s quicker and cheaper to get a ferry and train than a cab. More predictable and relaxing too.

The Fairlight bottlo, which, until recently, hadn’t had a special since the ’80s, had this unique beer in stock. William Bull brewery is De Bortoli’s beer making arm. Red Angus pilsner is their founding flagship, which was followed a couple of years ago by Williams Pale Ale. Not sure how long ago the third variety was released, but here it is – William’s Premium Lager.

I am suspicious of “Premium Lagers” as they are often not premium. This label promises a “smooth and refreshingly easy to drink” beer. Most premium lagers have little after taste – this has a not unpleasant passion fruit edge that hangs around.

Very sessionable.

I just wish I knew how to attach more than one photo to an email to share the weekend traffic on the Harbour.