Balmain Pale Ale in the Stubbie – nice move

Some time ago, BotF was very effusive in its praise of a beer from the glorious Inner West – Balmain Pale Ale. At the time we lamented the fact that it wasn’t available in a stubbie (by the way – how do you spell stubbie/stubby?). Well the Balmain Brewing Co clearly heard BotF’s plea and has delivered. Lovely looking stubbie and even better contents. Well done lads.

Balmain Pale Ale in a stubbie

A couple of old faithfuls jagged the early ferry and copped a great view all the way home. An unusual boat snuck up along the northern side of the harbour near Julia Gillard’s soon to be ex-home. We tweeted a photo to see if anyone could identify it. Prof. Pilsner proferred the amusing but probably wrong view via twitter that it was a ferr-ette. You make your own call. I’ve met the learned Prof at a dinner in Melbourne hosted by The Crafty Pint at the Court House hotel. That dinner will be blogged about soon.

Better beerporn for Palma Louca

We then passed Fort Denison aka Pinchgut. Pinchgut is the inspiration for Pinchgut Brewing which brewed one of the best beers BotF has had recently. The bloke in the photo is not a BotF member, but probably should be. I think he is even using a stubbie/stubby holder.

What sort of boat is this

Mr Liquor had a special on Palma Louca. This is a Brazilian beer that has previously appeared on Botf but was let down by poor BeerPorn. With the correct lighting available on the 5.30pm ferry we corrected that.