Alexandria Hotel – just lovely

Alexandria Hotel

Quite a find

Now and then your botf correspondents stumble upon absolute gems.

This correspondent had just finished presenting to a demanding set of colleagues and was searching for a quiet venue to consume an orange whip to calm the nerves. I had noted the location of a beaut looking early 20th century pub en route to aforementioned presentation. Jason Bourne notes exits and sight lines, botf correspondents note pub locations and well stocked bottlos with garrulous staff.

The Alexandria Hotel, Alexandria ( Map ) styles itself as ‘everyone’s favourite local’. I can believe it. It has retained (or returned?) the big horseshoe main bar replete with exposed wood and tiled walls. The beer garden is cool and welcoming, has a great range of bistro food and opens on to a large park behind the pub.

Alexandria Hotel

A beer garden to behold

If I lived in a trendy inner city Sydney terrace with a tribe of tin lids I’d be down here every weekend. It’s only failing – a stock standard mainstream set of beers on tap. But the homage it pays to pubs of yesteryear forgives it alot. Back in a heartbeat.

Alexandria Hotel

Lovely, lovely bar