Belhaven’s St.Andrew’s Ale and

I’m not even going to try and link the two subjects of this post. This is a complete non sequitur. A purchase from Cellarbrations near Crown that ended up in carry_on proved to be a great an antidote to Sydney’s cool weather. Belhaven‘s St. Andrew’s Ale is a Scottish Ale. What’s a Scottish Ale? Well it is a pale ale where a long boiling process creates a caramelisation of the beer mash, which in turn causes the beer to have a great darkish brown colour and in the case of this version, a rich almost liquor like flavour. It tastes alcoholically stronger than its 4.6% alcohol content. There’s plenty of breweries around the world knocking out Scottish Ales, but Belhaven is well and truly Scottish. It is named after a little town to the east of Edinburgh. The brewery has been around since 1719, and sold a few years ago to a British brewer for 187 million pounds. I really need to start a brewery.

A solid Scot

There’s no shortage of beer blogs on the net and one of the more unique is Boobs, Breweries and Beer. Two girls from Colorado visit breweries and then tell stories about their night out and the beers they tried. There’s plenty of photographs and quite often beers will be photographed next to or in front of a set of boobs. Beers get boob ratings with 5 boobs being the highest rating. There’s plenty of humour and they really get stuck in on their night’s out. Their output is sporadic, but when it arrives it is well worth the read.

A great set of samples