Never follow a Schofferhofer Hefeweizen with a Cintra Pilsner

A coincidental early mark for illiards and bladdamasta meant an opportunity to enjoy a ferry trip home in the sunlight. Sydney is freezing at the moment, and the night time BotF is only for the saltiest of old seadogs. The skies were clear however, and so if you get out of the wind it is actually very pleasant. We’ve just about exhausted Mr Liquor’s range , so we searched further a field for a unique beer to these pages and discovered a very pricey Hefeweizen from Shofferhofer. We bought one each as well as a cheap 6 pack of Cintra Pilsner.

Schofferhofer Hefeweizen

Schofferhofer is a brewer of a range of wheat beers and the Hefeweizen is the flagship. There’s at least 6 varieties including a Dunkle, Grapefruit and Pear. The beer is named after a German bloke called Schoffer who was a printer and a contemporary of Gutenberg and his noggin is on the label. This is a heavy duty wheat beer. It really assaults the palate with plenty of body and citrus. This isn’t a sessionable beer (well not for me) and whilst not unpleasant, was quite a chore to get to the bottom of the 500ml.

North Head

After the Schofferhofer, we got stuck into the Cintra, but both illiards and I had a similar physical reaction of recoil. Cintra is not top shelf – it is one of Mr Liquor’s bargain buys – but its flaws were so evident after the Schofferhofer. The Cintra was harsh and metallic and really barely potable. That’ll be the last Cintra for me, I think.

The journey home was crisp but so clear. The tourists are pretty much all gone now, and they missed a cracking, benign, relaxing trip.