“The Brew” – Kerry Hotel (Shangrila) Pudong Shanghai

At the risk over being accused of being culturally imbalanced BotF re-visited as promised  “The BREW” at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai.  I am also informed that another BotF member will be visiting Shanghai shortly so it is imperative to communicate the details of what is a fantastic and possibly the best microbrewery in Shanghai.   The location of this lounge is very clever just to the left of the main reception area in front of the lift lobby.  The choice is hard to any self-respecting purveyor either go to your room or sample the offing.   Whilst  in the full throws of explaining the uniqueness of this place to my Zhongguo Pengyou I was interrupted by the Brew Master Leon who introduced himself then offered a full blown inspection of these fantastic facilities and was delighted to hear that the “The Brew” had already graced the pages of BotF.  Unfortunately time limited the tour.  This is a “must visit” in Shanghai and the hotel itself is quite conveniently located to the city near Century Park.