A Pale Indian – Kerry Hotel, Shanghai

Kerry HotelThis BofF correspondant, whilst looking for some afternoon relief from a rather uninspiring first day of a conference, marched with purpose to the taxi rank of the Pudong Shangri-La. “Kerry Hotel!”, I demanded. Fortunately Peter Brock’s Chinese cousin sensed my need of oral irrigation and in a cloud of diesel smoke we tore out of the driveway, heading East.

15 minutes later we arrived at the Kerry Hotel, RMB30 (AU$5) was thrust into Chan’s hand and in I went. The Brew is very central to the foyer of this rather pleasant and modern establishment. The hotel itself is set against Century Park, south-east of the centre of Shanghai

Enquiries were made for Leon the brewer, but he wasn’t in. Righto, show me the menu then.

The menu is clean and crisp with names like White Ant and Razorback Cider stirring the mind. The Indian Pale Ale was my choice for a hasty imbibing.

The Indian Pale ale was a very enjoyable drop with a lot of throwbacks to some of the fine brews at The Australian Hotel in Sydney. Served in a floating glass (think pot size). The surrounding interior of The Brew was extremely pleasant. Dark timbers, leather and a Steinway being gently caressed in the corner made a very pleasant change to a Wednesday afternoon.

The Indian was going down a treat and it was very tempting to ingest another one before returning to the aforementioned conference.

Whilst the foam was clinging to the glass this drop was very light and quite sweet. I’m tempted to draw parralels with a James Squire Golden Ale for obvious reasons, but I think a Little Creatures or a Beez Neez is more appropriate.

It was time to head back and as I departed I felt a sense of sadness that Sydney and other Antipodean locales don’t do the micro-brewery thing with a little more sophistication like The Brew.