Guinness Black Lager, Sierra Nevada Porter and Harts Pub Happy Hours

A rare variation from the original

Hart’s Pub has rocketed to the top of BotF’s affections in more ways than one. It is rare that BotF can turn up to a pub within a two KM radius of Circular Quay and find a beer that BotF hasn’t tried before. Tonight a visit to @HartsPub presented us with an opportuity to try a beer that Guinness is trying to launch worldwide and a cracker from a US craft beer pioneer. It gets better. Hart’s Pub offers a membership deal which now means BotF will make Harts a very regular pre-ferry libation venue.

Aawwesome bevvy

No matter how hard I look the only place I can find info about Guinness Black Lager is on Wikipedia (there is no Guinness site). It turns out that Guinness Black Lager is a trial that Diageo – the conglomerate owner of @GuinnessIreland – is running in a couple of locations around the world. Apparently, young chaps are turning to bottled lagers rather than pints. These young chaps would rather a 330ml bottle than a Pint. All I can say is “The youth of today – tut, tut, tut”. GBL (laziness) isn’t shite, but it’s fruity and not at all like the original Guinness. Potable, but give me a pint of the original at the same price.

The Quay in lights

Hart’s Tap Rack is one of the best racks around, and its bottle fridge turns over new varieties. Tonight they had a trio of Sierra Nevada bottles. I had a crack at the Porter, which is seriously one of the best beers, let alone best porters, I’ve ever tried. It is the closest thing I’ve had to drinking silk. Wonderfully chocolate and caramel. This is an awesome beer. Ta @SierraNevada

The bottled beer range is good, but if you become a member of Harts Pub, then you get half-price Pints between 5 and 7pm. This is significant. This isn’t a crappy happy hour where you get $2 off Hahn Super Dry. This is 2 hours where you get a flat 50% off the regular pint price of 12 awesome tap beers from Australia’s emerging craft brewers. pommy_ch and I signed up on the spot and we look forward to a first return visit. All of this before a trip home on the BotF with a crisp evening and wonderful skyline views.